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Azur helps our clients to procure acquisition and refinance debt secured by commercial real estate. We are truly commercial mortgage brokers with no “correspondent” ties or secret allegiances to any single lending program.  We have a lot of lender relationships, but our client is our borrower. What this means is that we can close loans in a lot of different ways and do so in the way that allows us to get the best deal for our client’s goals.

For example, if a client comes to us to refinance an $3,000,000 apartment loan we may offer terms through a credit union, an insurance company, a Fannie Mae lender, a national bank, and a regional bank.  Each will have different costs, rates, structures, and post-closing pros/cons which we help guide you through.  We have so many repeat clients because of our ability to add value to every deal we do for them.

The bottom line is that Azur has the market presence and know-how in order to get a lot of different types of loans closed.


Azur specializes in complex and challenging acquisitions. We deliver a unique perspective on financing acquisitions by drawing from deep experience in property valuation, loan servicing, real estate brokerage, asset management and workouts, enhanced by a keen awareness of the dynamics at play in the local markets.

Our goal is to develop a relationship with our client that provides an unwavering commitment to their success, by delivering insight, enhanced risk management and creative solutions.

Property types:

  •  Multifamily
  •  Mixed-Use
  •  Retail Strip Center
  •  Hotel
  • Owner-User (Medical / Professional)

What We Deliver:

  •  Specialization in Commercial Mortgages and Loans
  • Network of Banks and Financing Sources
  • Competitive Financing Tailored to Client’s Needs
  • Expertise in Negotiating, Structuring & Closing
  • Personalized Service, Perspective & Solution


AAzur's Refinancing Process

Azur will show our clients conventional, agency based, and CMBS programs, each designed to provide the most competitive financing terms based on a combination of property constraints, borrower investment and personal goals. Our lending process makes it easy to deal with your refinance.

The team underwrites, prices, negotiates, and restructures debt investments, including non-performing, sub-performing mortgage loans, and mezzanine loans.   Our approach includes the review and analysis of the loan agreements, leases, intercreditor/participation agreements and other relevant transaction documents.

The next step involves obtaining and analyzing market data, observing site inspections, analyzing operating financials, reviewing borrower credit information; and using financial models, such as cash flow pro-formas, sensitivity analyses and return analyses.  We will identify investment strengths and weaknesses and structure transactions to match the desired outcome. 

Our clients and partners benefit from our flexible business model and customized outcomes.   

Azur’s expertise in commercial real estate refinancing, with demonstrated integrity in cyclical markets, combined with our thoughtful, commercial spirit provide clients with a distinctive, flexible, and comprehensive service experience.